The Get Schooled Tour is committed to hearing from and including the students in these events. Students use their own smartphones or wifi enabled devices to connect to the Get Schooled Tour Wifi we have set up in the event space so they can register, but be anonymous during the assembly. Polling is done via multiple choice questions pushed to the student’s web browser on their Wi-Fi enabled device.

The students answers are unidentifiable and collected only for the purpose of showing the student that their answer, along with others in the assembly, reveal we all need help with our secret struggles.

As students answer questions pushed to their individual devices, the data transfers through the Get Schooled Tour wifi and into the Get Schooled Web Server that we have brought and set up within the event room. The Web Server collects the data and displays live, real time results of what the students responses are to the question.

The Wi-Fi and Web Server is brought in by The Get Schooled Tour and is a closed, secure network, not connected to the internet, and designed for large groups. All data collected is provided to the school administration within 24 hours of the assembly. There is no need to connect to the school’s network.

School provided devices are often unable to join an unfamiliar wifi like the one we have built for The Get Schooled Tour. If a school desires to use their provided devices then steps will need to be taken prior to the assembly to make sure poll.com is available via our remote web server. Testing of school issued devices can be done at the RemedyLIVE Studios ahead of the event.

Questions about the Polling Network?
Email us at info@getschooledtour.com.