The Get Schooled Tour® is a one hour, high energy program, that combines live music, interactive polling, and compelling video, to motivate students into a local system of care.

The event encourages students to talk to a trusted adult so that their secret struggle, whatever it is, does not have the final say on their future.

It’s specifically tailored for teens in public schools to provide courage to share their secret struggles with caring adults and look for others around them that need support as well. The assembly is designed to be memorable and make a significant difference in the lives of the students that participate in it.


What does an assembly include?

  • live music
  • interactive polling
  • motivating video

What topics does the assembly cover?

  • secret struggles
  • depression/mental health
  • system of care

Would the tour be open to other topics?

We would be open to discussing new topics!

What is the cost of The Get Schooled Tour®?

Each assembly event costs $5,000 to cover the sound, lighting, and video production as well costs associated with the musician. If your school requires additional assembly events due to it’s size, the cost is $3,000 per assembly if it happens in the same room. The Get Schooled Tour is committed to working with businesses or foundations in your community to raise the dollars needed to cover the assemblies you want to have in your school. If your school is in Indiana and within Steuben, LaGrange, Noble, DeKalb, Whitley, Allen, Huntington, Wabash, Wells, or Adams County your are eligible to have your event fully covered by The Lutheran Foundation. Contact us at info@getschooledtour.com for more information. There is also a smaller version of the Get Schooled Tour available for $2,000 called The Get Schooled Tour Mini.

What type of music is played live?

The Get Schooled Tour is committed to positive messaging and working with musicians that are consistent in their song lyrics to build up those that listen to their music. The Get Schooled Tour has worked with a wide variety musical guests but choose artists that have a personal passion for the issues discussed.

How does the polling work?

The Get Schooled Tour uses a custom polling software. Students are polled via their device’s web browser using a closed wifi network brought in by the Get Schooled Tour.

Does the presentation need to be 60 minutes?

The presentation is best suited for a 60 minute presentation but could be completed in 45 minutes.

Will there be a need for crowd control when the musician performs?

It’s recommended that the Principal or School Administrator set ground rules before the presentation.

What happens after the presentation?

At the conclusion of the presentation, announcements are made on how students can connect with professional therapists that are on location following the assembly. Additionally, students typically want photos and autographs with the musicians. The Get Schooled Tour also provides each student in attendance with cards that invite them to chat with a 24/7 crisis chat center.


What does the school need to provide?

  • a gym or auditorium for the presentation and easy access to the room for the production equipment to load/unload.
  • access to the proper electrical needs for the tour production.
  • 6-8 students to help unload the tour trailer and load at the end of the presentation.

How could our school benefit most by this opportunity?

  • work with partners of the Get Schooled Tour to get your staff trained with Youth Mental Health First Aid.
  • book a TrendsandTeens.com parenting workshop for the evening of your event.
  • help find other schools in your city for the Get Schooled Tour to make your community stronger.
  • collaborate with other community leaders so The Get Schooled Tour can host an extended evening concert in your community.

Do you have any reference from school administrators?

Yes! Check them out:
Senior High Principals-

Junior High Principals-

See more references here.

What steps should our School Administration take if we’re interested in bringing the tour to our school?

Email the tour at info@getschooledtour.com and we will send you a link to view a sample of the full assembly as well as discuss the dates, topics you are interested in.


Interested in bringing the Get Schooled Tour to your school?
Email us at info@getschooledtour.com.