Get Schooled Tour Jr.

Since 2007 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has alerted citizens about the increased risk to younger children when it comes to mental illness and risk of suicide.

As a response to that risk, and one that prevents young students from beginning a struggle in secret, the Get Schooled Tour is pleased to offer Get Schooled Tour Jr.

Get Schooled Tour Jr. is a 3o minute program designed to help educate children, grades 1 -5, about what mental health is, how to express one’s feelings, and why talking with a trusted adult is key to living a healthy life. During the presentation kids will interact with a live presenter, watch video clips, and be given action steps to work on following the presentation.

Students will learn:

  • that we all have mental health and it’s important to talk about it
  • that our brain needs to be cared for like the rest of our body
  • what’s the difference between mental health and mental illness?
  • how to better understand why I feel the way I do
  • why it’s important to have trusted adults in our life

If you would like to learn more about Get Schooled Tour Jr. email us at or call 260-348-6683.